Why Peoples?

Integrity: We want the loan process to be as transparent and easy as possible. We do not charge any prepayment penalties or many other fees that other lenders try to hide. We also will not force other products on our borrowers that only raise their payments without providing true benefits for them.

Responsibility: Our managers are trained to make sure our loans are affordable for the customer. On a used car purchase, they will make sure that the length of the loan is suitable for the car you purchase. Many other lenders will stretch a car loan to 72 months just so the payment is affordable, but that does a borrower no good when the car only lasts four years. We may lose business this way, but we would rather do this than have a customer trapped in an “upside down” loan.

Reputation: Peoples has always enjoyed a solid reputation among our peers in the industry. We are proud to consistently score outstanding exams from the Georgia Industrial Loan Department that regulates our consumer loans.

Stability: Peoples have been making consumer loans for over 85 years. All of our branches are company owned, not leased and have been in the same location for many years. All of our managers have had at least 5 years with the company, and many have been around much longer. Our customers appreciate having a consistent person to talk to when they need a loan or even if they are having a hard time repaying one.